Leaks iPhone 2018 – three versions of the specifications of the finest, more colors, my partner contact, and more!

In a few months will reveal Apple on the new versions of the iPhone for 2018, and that date we move from year to year and watch what you add Apple TV to the finest and most important organs of the “iPhone”, and during the last period arose many of the news and rumors about the iPhone for 2018 and here the most important and the highlight came around!

تسريبات آيفون 2018 : ثلاثة إصدارات بمواصفات أرقى، ألوان أكثر، شريحتي اتصال، و المزيد!

Leaks iPhone 2018 : three versions of the specifications of the finest, more colors, my partner contact, and more!

Three versions .. like last year!

This year to make Apple TV 3 versions of the iPhone, perhaps with names such as: iPhone 9, iPhone 9 plus and iPhone X Plus. The three phones will get the same design, where do you think Apple adopted the design philosophy of iPhone X in three versions, and this means removing the Home button and minimize the dialog and insert the extrusion of the upper “sheet” with the system TrueDepth camera and facial recognition technology Face ID.

The first version (for iPhone 9) It will be cheaper screen 6.1-inch Type LCD and rear camera mono, and the second version is iPhone 9 plus-screen OLED 5.8 and camera Leicester, while the second version Visconti for iPhone X Plus screen OLED led by 6.5 inch and rear camera Double also.

Specifications finest!

In accordance with the performance tests found in the database of the platform Geekbench 4 didn’t seem to phones iPhone coming this year, is expected to testify next versions improvement to the level of specifications and is a normal and even expected as well.

Performance tests that indicate the Processor Apple A12 that will be used in the versions of the year of the iPhone show that it will be hexa-core, and has recorded over 4600 points in the selection of nuclear per and 10900 points in the selection of nuclei, which means an improvement in performance by 10% compared to the Processor A11 current.

تسريبات آيفون 2018 : مواصفات أرقى!

Leaks iPhone 2018 : the specification of the finest!

At the level of GPUs and Graphics, the Processor alleged, more than 21600 points compared to Processor Graphics the current in the iPhone X and the average performance of approximately 15,000 points. The performance tests also point to the use of random memory size of 4 GB, but it is probably in the versions more expensive than the iPhone, while will version cheapest RAM size of 3 GB.

Many colors are exhilarating!

In the year to allow Apple phones iPhone two colors or three, but this year it’ll be different as it is expected to allow Apple TV to the user a wide spectrum of colors and that includes the traditional colors, such as: “silver, black, gray, and gold” in addition to other colors, like: “blue, yellow, orange, and red.” These photos were specialized for these colors and how they look on the iPhone, and is the design of the site PhoneArena.

تسريبات آيفون 2018 : ألوان كثيرة مبهجة!

Leaks iPhone 2018 : many colors are exhilarating!

تسريبات آيفون 2018 : ألوان كثيرة مبهجة!

Leaks iPhone 2018 : many colors are exhilarating!

The iPhone has become a dual slide!

According to reports published by news sites the tray, the Apple TV will offer versions of the iPhone this year two for my connection, one of which may be a chip that works on all communication networks without the need to change, and the other is the regular slide traditional.

آيفون قد يصبح ثنائي الشريحة!

The iPhone has become a dual slide!

In countries that do not operate a slice of Apple electronic, such as Arab countries and China, for example, the Apple TV may provide a port for my connection swings both Dual SIM, and it is the right will be of great value to many users who are clamoring for this for years!

What are we deeply in phones iPhone coming this year? Tell us via comments!

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