Leaks: iPhone will come with cable, braided Lightning-to-USB-C New

While it may not be included USB charger in the box iPhone 12 this year, it is likely that the phone comes with the cable Lightning. And a new rumor indicates that the iPhone 12 will come with cable, braided Lightning-to-USB-C, indicating a noticeable upgrade over the cable charging the iPhone the current.

Co account L0vetodream on Twitter – the famous news leaks, that Apple Apple is working on the cable Lightning new. He has also re-tweet the photo of the alleged camera scheduled the new, which comes with the USB-C instead of the USB-A traditional.

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If the rumors are true, it confirms that Apple will keep with the Lightning on the next generation of the iPhone instead of the USB-C, which does not represent a surprise. This may also indicate that the cable Lightning to USB-C will be shipped with all models of iPhone 12, while the model of iPhone 11 normal currently with cable Lightning to USB-A.

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