Leaks new details of exciting to realize iOS 13 next

Expected to reveal Apple unveiled iOS system 13, the next major version of the operating system iPhone and an iPad, at its annual conference for developers of the world which begins in the third of the month of June this year. Share some Insiders on the development of iOS some of the details of the new and exciting is coming to this system. Get to know them.

تسريبات جديدة بتفاصيل مثيرة لتحديث iOS 13 القادم

Will iOS 13 significant improvements to the system as a whole, this is a host of new features including:

Night mode Dark Mode

Finally, there will come a night mode long-awaited with iOS system 13 law. It will be at the level of the whole system will have settings in particular through the settings, including the degree of opacity from light to dark to pitch black, high contrast, similar to the operating system macOS. And speaking of macOS, the apps an iPad that works on the Mac using the draft Marzipan will also benefit from the night mode in both systems.

Changer apps multi-task Manageable multitasking

Adds report that there are significant improvements in the app switcher or multi-tasking to the users of IP-iPad. It will be possible to run several windows for one application, and you may be able to pull those windows separately or stacked on top of each other and move them to any place or display them along and deal with each one separately. But I didn’t remember the sources how to do exactly this.

It is also expected to give Apple developers the ability to offer bars case is similar to that in Windows system, in a split-screen mode Split View. Will prevent this tape from disappearing in some apps as well as will be hidden in other applications when displayed together.

A new alternative for tremor to sign Undo gesture

Property tremor to sign in anything you do, by mistake, used in most applications, especially while writing, I received a wide acceptance by the users due to the difficulty of Use and appearance odd that you shake your phone while walking, such as making some believe it is ridiculous. But in the iOS system 13, it will be to sign and enter text, gestures special will enable you to use it anywhere with ease. You may have to travel to the people and reverse right or left on the writing. Or drive three fingers on the keyboard or other ways like this.

And speaking of gestures, the new custom system iOS 13, there will be a nod to facilitate the selection of elements such as multiple images or even shader writing. Would be by dragging your finger on the list or group of items to select them, just like clicking and dragging the mouse over multiple files on the operating system macOS.

Improvements in Safari on an iPad

Users of an iPad are hoping to provide a desktop version of websites on the iPad permanently, especially that a lot of sites say as the iPad is iPhone and run the phone version of the site. In iOS 13, the Safari browser automatically request the desktop version of websites to run user-and, of course, in case it is not available or if the site owners want to operate the phone version on the iPad for some reason, they will be copied to smart phones, but mainly will ask the full version of the site, especially in sites such as YouTube, requesting to open a desktop version.

City lines

Of advantages which everyone waits. Expected to buy iOS 13 on the center lines. Will be integrated in settings, we will be able to add new lines and variety in an easier way.

Improvements in the Mail application

Will the Mail app the default in iOS 13 significant improvements similar to the Google application for Gmail so that messages are organized by the artificial intelligence in specific sections, like the section for the important things such as purchases, travel, shopping. As well as a section for things not important. It will feature a “read later” so you can refer back to it at another time.

Other features

◉ It is reported that the iOS operating system 13 will contain window displays the new sound instead of the current which caused the depression and mucus severe for most users the iOS.

◉ Re-designed application reminders.

◉ Improvements to Siri, especially when you say “Hey Siri” in the noise or in the case of laugh or cry.

◉ Support the best language keyboard private voice dictation.

◉ Additional options for printing from within the app.

What do you think about those new features for iOS for only 13? And do you wish to see more nurses and data? Tell us in the comments.



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