Leaks of a new and exciting system iOS 13 you know it

Separates us from the conference of Apple’s WWDC less than a week, which is expected to reveal Apple on the new versions for all the operating systems of its different, mainly the iOS 13. Yesterday was leaked screen shots of any-the iPhone is running iOS 13 show some of the new features to know them.

Dark mode Dark Mode

The pictures show the feature of dark mode Dark Mode which can be activated through the Control Center as a shortcut to quick to turn on the water. Of the changes observed in the images is a partner of the Duke’s Dock that comes the background dark instead of the invoice. It is expected to include Apple’s new wallpapers to suit this new situation.

Given the music app in dark mode, it used the apple black background darkening is real, and looks fantastic on the OLED screens. And of course this affects the real battery life since OLED screens don’t need the extra pixels in the color black.

It provides another change in the user interface on the iOS system 13, rather than show a gray background in the segment that contains the adjustment tools on the image in the screen shot, to show a transparent background, they also come in different from the previous.

And re-design the interface the same on an iPad, which came round corners beautifully which can be dragged to any place on the screen.

Application reminders new

As we mentioned in previous articles, the application of reminders gets a redesign in the iOS system 13 fully. As he will also come to Mac in the issuance of macOS 10.15. And IP-iPad, application needs reminders new on the side bar of my big box is “day” and “scheduled” and “science” and “dog”, as well as a search box and a set of lists of the tickets.

Application to Find My

Is consolidation application find my friends Find My Friends and find iPhone Find My iPhone in the entirely new application known as “Find My”. And add great improvements to this app on an iPad. The app presents a new large map fills up the entire screen, with a small window in the corner to steal the family of the user and his friends, and the other tab for other user. When the mode is enabled Dark Mode shows the map in the same format as the maps on the system to macOS when you enable Dark Mode on it.

Expected to learn the Apple operating system iOS 13 next Monday, during the opening speech of the conference of the WWDC and then the initiative will make available the beta version for developers.

What do you think about those new features for iOS 13 and hopes in the characteristics of the other? Tell us in the comments.



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