Leaks picture of new market vehicle Fitbit smartphone next

Revealed new leaks published via TechnoBuffalo about the design and colors of the smart bracelet from Fitbit, with some specifications that apply to the smart bracelet market.


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Made Fitbit during the past period, two new versions of the bracelet, the smartphone that came to the Class possible and they Inspire وInspire HR today to monitor the upcoming releases that target the sector users of the young people specifically.

Come bracelet new in accordance with the arrangements illustrated in bright colors of yellow, blue, besides the red, with the expectations of the choices more of a smart bracelet, also referred to that the smart bracelet comes with a new water-resistant support children optimally.

As projections indicate that this version of the Swaraj Fitbit smartphone comes to the market priced well also to support the users of bracelet are compatible with children, also it is expected that the official announcement of this bracelet in the third quarter of 2019.


I know of

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