Leaks picture phone Motorola One Vision to design a hole in the screen

The latest delivery information pictured for the Motorola next Motorola One Vision that applies to the design of screen hole, which also features a size longer in the screen.


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Phone shows One Vision in shopping catalogs the size of a longer LCD screen with dimensions of 21:9, and frames characteristic of the size of a very skinny on the sides of the phone, as the screen comes up without extrusion of the upper to the phone design, screen hole, which comes in the corner of the phone’s design mimics what Samsung made in the series phones Galaxy S10.

Also scheduled to come to the phone screen 6.2 inch special quality of the display 2520 in 1080p, it also features phone One Vision USB port C with speakers in the base of the phone, while the control button audio button at the right side of the phone, with the entrance to the 3.5 mm in the upper part of the phone.

And Motorola phone One Vision in the back with a double, also reveal leaks new comic on glass plates in the back of the phone, to the design curved in the corners of the phone, also scheduled to be this version one of the Android phones the One, also comes the logo of Motorola in the rear, which also houses the fingerprint sensor.

Also refer to that sensor main camera background characteristic accurately 48 mega pixel camera, with features optical stabilization, support camera background the production of images with 12 mega pixel camera, it also comes sensor the second to last depth imaging with details of the more precise voice of the portrait, but without details on the accuracy of the sensor second.

Also supports camera rear LED flash featured with ringtones double, as this release comes with new camera support one of night photography, while other technical ب3D HDR.


Include to that phone One Vision will be the first version of the offering from Motorola with chip Samsung processor, where it is expected that the phone comprises a chip processor Exynos 9610, made of Samsung Galaxy A50, which keeps the performance of the chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 660.

It is expected to apply the first model of the phone with a ram of 3 GB RAM and storage capacity of 32 GB, as expected, another model memory random 4 GB RAM and storage capacity of 64 GB or storage capacity of 128 GB.

Phone Motorola One Vision features a battery capacity of 3500 mAh, support fast charging technology the Turbo Charge, as wearing the phone on the Android operating system 9 Pie.

Recall that the projections indicate that the phone Motorola One Vision will be official announcement during the third quarter of 2019, is available in blue and gold.


I know of

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