Leaks point to change the Samsung the puncture site screen in cell phones Galaxy Note 10

Confirmed the latest leaks today that Samsung is on its way to change the location of the hole camera the front to the middle of the screen, it also comes hole camera in the series of Galaxy Note 10 design smaller than the Galaxy S10.

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In the new leaks came via The Ice Universe, it was pointed out that Samsung will make improvements in the design of the Galaxy Note 10 high, Where are the upgraded design of the previous version Galaxy Note 9, which came with dimensions of 18.5:9, to the dimensions of 19:9 in phones Galaxy Note 10 also come screen LED longer to enjoy the design of the phone frames with the thinnest, and run the screen higher proportion in the structure of the phone.

To achieve these dimensions in phones Galaxy Note 10 وNote 10 Pro, the base forecasts suggest that Samsung will work to minimize cutting the screen for the front camera to a smaller size than provided in the Galaxy S10, as Will Samsung change the position of the hole of the screen to the middle.

On the other hand, indicate leaks Ice the Universe that the Galaxy Note 10 وNote 10 Pro will come to the same specification camera possible the Galaxy series S10, so I expected to come of the sensor main accurately 12 mega pixel camera with a lens variable, also supports the camera back in the feature phone installation visual with the feature of optical zooming until twice more.

Also expected according to the combinations of Ice Universe to come-sensor III accurately 16 mega pixel camera with lenses, wide-angle and also includes the settings of the camera in the Galaxy Note 10 Pro a particular sensor, Time-of-Flight to determine the photographing bokeh effects.

On the other hand, pointed out leaks Ice Universe to Galaxy Note 10 coming standards UFS 3.0 used in the phone OnePlus 7 Pro as an alternative to storage UFS 2.1 presented in the Galaxy S10, so it’s expected to feature the series Galaxy Note 10 perform the quick launch of applications, and processing of audio and video files is possible with the big in less time, so we expect more details about the series Galaxy Note 10 coming from Samsung until the official announcement.


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