Leaks refer to the plans of Samsung to launch the Galaxy A10s soon

Monitoring of the new version of Samsung phones recently after the adoption of the phone officially in the FCC, where the projections indicate that the Galaxy A10s which applies near the back with a double with a battery capacity of 3900 mAh.

Samsung launched the Galaxy A10 in the month of February from the beginning of this year, and then revealed the Korean giant for the Galaxy A10e recently, and today I spotted new leaks indicate plans for Samsung to launch a third issue of the series applies, titled Galaxy A10s.

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Has approved the phone which comes by the model number SM-A107F recently in the agency, the FCC, forecasts indicate that Samsung is in its way to advertise the Galaxy A10s soon.

I have revealed leaks of the FCC for some of the specifications of the phone that goes to the battery characteristic capacity of 3900 mAh, as it reveals the outline of the phone for camera background of the double, with LED flash sensor fingerprint in the background also.

As the phone comprises entrance headphones 3.5 mm at the bottom of the phone to the side USB port, also comes phone model SM-A10F measuring 157 mm in length, and 75.8 mm in the width of the phone, with a 6.86-inch in the thickness of the phone.

It is expected that the true Galaxy A10s the same processor chip possible Galaxy A10 a chip Exynos 7884, while some suggest that Samsung is offering this version with a distinctive perform top.


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