Leaks reveal about the design of the Nokia phone 7.1 Plus

This topic leaks reveal the design of the Nokia phone 7.1 Plus appeared on Engadget.

Revealed today on the design is expected to submit company HMD Global in the next version of Nokia phones Nokia 7.1 Plus.

Nokia 7.1 Plus-leak

Company HMD Global in the launch of new versions of the sign plus commercial phones, where refers to the version of new phone Nokia 7.1 Plus.

To the side of the brand Plus also comes version next Nokia 7.1 Plus, with its distinctive design, phones Nokia 5.1 Plus, and 6.1 Plus with the part notch trader in the top of the screen to the middle.

It is scheduled to come in this part of the design of the phone the front facing camera and speaker, the phone also comes with frames minimal side the company.

Previous leaks indicated that the next phone the Nokia know بNokia X7, unlike recent leaks of MySmartPrice, which confirmed that the Nokia 7.1 Plus is the next version.

Features Nokia phone 7.1 Plus in accordance with the arrangements glass design in the back, and comes back with a double a vertical design in the middle of the phone.

HMD Global add in this version the sensor the ZEISS insight, where it comes down the camera in the back of the phone.

Also, despite the great similarity in design between Nokia phone 7.1 Plus a telephone and a 6.1 Plus which was launched a few months ago, except that there is some change in specifications.

Comes on top of new changes in the design of the Nokia phone 7.1 Plus sensor and ZEISS, along with the silver ring surrounding the sensor 6.1 Plus in the background.

As noted in the design of the control button audio button in the Nokia 7.1 Plus they come with an increase corresponds with the height of the camera background.

Projections indicate that the HMD Global is planning to launch the Nokia 7.1 Plus in the coming months, to compete again in the market of phones available with versions recent Samsung.


This topic leaks reveal the design of the Nokia phone 7.1 Plus appeared on Engadget.

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