Leaks reveal peeps first for Apple folding

Skip the Apple to detect the released folding of the phones through 2020, and today published the latest registration of a patent recently registered by Apple in more of a new design for folding.

Apple foldable display patent (3)

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Many of the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone to detect the new versions of flip phones scheduled to be launched at the conference of the global phone, which will be held before the end of this month in Barcelona, however, Apple still put the first diagrams of design ideas is scheduled to launch in 2020.

Has revealed the patents of Apple for peeps first to see Apple in more than the design of the phone rollaway, which record in 2011, and was updated in 2016 of a new, where the design features of the Apple System Mechanic to open and close the phone screen, also comes the design of the other units linking it breaks and is the simplest design among the patents Apple.

While the design of the other patents Apple screen can be folded to fully close the phone, while other schemes on the vision of Apple to the size and thickness of the phone rollaway, where it is expected to vary the size of the machine according to the material used in the manufacture of the phone.

Includes a chart that Apple has a See also in the phone is fully editable in the screen, or one side at a minimum, while the design of the last three folding screens in the phone.

Definitely still patent barrage schemes may not proceed to the implementation phase, or may be the first nucleus of the future new devices of iPad and MacBook, or her phone rollaway.


I know of

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