Leaks reveal some of the details of phone 5G iPhone that applies in 2020

Reviewed the latest leaks some details about the version of the first barrage of phones iPhone, which supports communication networks of the fifth generation, which applies in 2020.

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Use Apple company to launch its first release of phones iPhone, which supports the networks of the fifth generation through 2020, and today I spotted some leaks about this version that applies in the two models is characterized by the first size of 5.4 inches while comes third the size of a 6.7-inch screen, while the version comes possible with the support networks LTE, the size of 6.1 inch.

I came to new leaks through one of the Chinese media that pointed with Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that Qualcomm will be the chip 5G own phones to the iPhone in 2020, to be called 5G technology version the smallest and the largest size of the production line phones and the iPhone only.

It also refers to that the technique of the fifth-generation networks will not include the sub-6GHz only, but it will also include mmWave support faster speeds in the contact networks of the fifth generation, where is expected to be the company Broadcom is a supplier to be a data call بsub-5G and energy circles, while Skyworks some configuration plug-ins also.

On the other hand, revealed some leaks that the phones the iPhone that apply in 2020 will come with sensors 3D in the camera background, as pointed out some leaks that Apple will work in these versions with Touch ID with new improvements with the invention of the police in the detection of radiofrequency fingerprint.

Also comes iPhone the SE from between the versions which refer to it would apply in 2020, which applies as stated in the registry with the same interior configurations possible for the iPhone 8, where came the leaks previously via some of the suppliers of Apple.

Recall that the company TSMC has developed the architecture to accurately manufacture 5 nanometer for iPhone 5G, which is expected to support the design of the chipset phones the iPhone killer, in 2020, with the forecast also that the used chip A14 in these versions.

Recall that some of the leaks have confirmed that Apple will all versions of company of the phones the iPhone in 2020 screen OLED, on to be Samsung’s first resource for OLED special phones iPhone 2020.


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