Leaks reveal some of the specifications of Nokia 1 Plus

Monitoring of the new version of the phones and HMD comes to the design phone Nokia 1 except that it features a larger size in the screen, where it is expected to be this version is Nokia 1 Plus.

Nokia 1 Plus leak

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Company HMD to hold its next conference in Barcelona on the 24th of February, to be about the idea associated with of premium smartphones which comes with the settings pentagonal camera the background for the first time, in new leaks today, to monitor the issuance of the last of the smartphones, projections indicate that Nokia 1 Plus.

I have published new leaks through the site of the TigerMobile for sale retail on the internet, where in accordance with arrangements that the phone comes running Android Go, it also features with a display size of 5 inch quality display 480 pixels per inch, as characterized by the screen dimensions of 2:1.

Also to include a phone processor chip MediaTek MT6739WW that supports a lot of low-cost handsets lately, and also this version supports the Android operating system 9 Pie, with random memory 1 GB RAM, the phone also supports two SIM cards.

Projections indicate that the company HMD will also be on this version during the events of the MWC conference held in Barcelona in February, so we expect the official announcement of the versions of Nokia this year.


I know of

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