Leaks reveal the expected price phones Galaxy S10 lite وNote10 lite وA71 and also A51

Spotted the latest shopping catalogs prices phones Samsung associated Galaxy S10 lite وNote10 lite وA71 and A51 in one of the outlets on the internet.

Use Samsung for the official announcement about the new versions of the series phones Galaxy A for the year 2020 in a conference to be held next Thursday, and today I spotted the prices of these versions in one of the outlets in Slovakia on the web, where you select the prices of the phones in the official pages for both phones Galaxy A51, the Galaxy A71.

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Projections indicate that the Galaxy A91 will be titled Galaxy S10 lite in some markets, that comes at the price of 670 euros as revealed by the leaks today, while The comes Galaxy A81 or be held in some markets, entitled Galaxy Note10 lite is priced at you, which is less in price series phones Note10.

From another side came the Galaxy S10e in the same store at a price of 750 euros, while tilting the phone Note10 at a price of 950 euros, while the price dropped Galaxy A80 from 650 € to 545 now.

Also reveal leaks about the price of the Galaxy A71 which applies at a price of 470 euros soon to the market, while the Galaxy A51 at a price of 375 euros, however, the leaks did not reveal the price level of A61 until now.

It is expected to apply the four versions of the Galaxy in the markets starting from 27 of December, so we expect the official announcement of the new versions of the series phones Galaxy A for the year 2020.


I know of

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