Leaks reveal the weakness of attention of the users of snapchat the benefits of the new

snapchat stories

snapchat stories

Forced snapchat to re-design their application recently in order to keep gaining the attention of users to the advantages of the host away from the chat and share images and video clips, this is what revealed by the data leaked from the company.

Let’s take a look at the maps feature snap Snap Maps that allow the user to share your geographical location with friends, I got the water to 30 million users daily when launched, was on Saturday represented the peak use so that users with their friends on the ground through knowledge of their sites.

But this activity did not last long as the decline in the number of daily active users to 19 million users in less than three months, any water used by 11% of users of snapchat’s daily active population of them in the level.

According to sources, this may be one of the reasons that prompted snapchat to change the design applied to make the maps is a key part and one more in the new design.

As the data revealed that users ignore most of the content sent by the publishers through the Department of exploration and Discover where the up this content to 38 million daily active users only about 21% of the total users.

It is interesting numbers that users send an average of 34 messages per day and that rate nice and high confirms the success of snapchat the consolidation of the relationship with their users and make them use the app continuously throughout the day.

The success of the communication feature is good for snapchat on hand to loyal users, but he is not entitled to the profits that make it worth the investors. Therefore, the company has worked on mapping within the exploration in order to increase the attention to it being one of the sources of income of the company.


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