Leaks review specification Galaxy Note10 before the official announcement

Revealed a new report of 91Mobiles has interceded for the specification of the phone Note10 Associated from the Korean giant, which applies this year in two models Note10 ┘łNote10 Pro.

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Confirmed report of 91Mobiles citing that the phone Note10 applies this year in two models come form the main Note10 number SM-N975, while model Note10 Pro number SM-N976, that comes the first model with support for 4G networks, while the support model Pro the fifth-generation networks.

The report confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 comes with a Dynamic AMOLED characteristic size of 6.4 inch, the storage capacity of 128 GB, also comes the ability battery 4170 mAh.

From another side comes a phone Note10 Pro a Dynamic AMOLED characteristic size of 6.8 inches, with the same battery capacity 4170 mAh, while the phone comes with a storage capacity of 256 GB, with a distinctive model with a capacity of 1 TB.

I have confirmed the delivery of the financial period on that phone Note10 Pro applies to a charger characteristic capacity 25W only, as opposed to the delivery of the first that indicated charger capacity of 45W, but that the capacity of 25W is a good upgrade from last year’s version of the series Note that came charger a distinctive capacity of 15W.

It is estimated that the phone comes Note10 Pro chip processor Snapdragon 855 or model chip core Exynos processor 9825, it also has a phone settings quad for the rear that feature a design of my head, it also has a phone sensor-fingerprint built-in screen.

Recall that the phone Note10 comes to the design of screen hole, which stops the screen as an alternative to the hole in the upper part to the side of the screen, and is expected to apply to the phone officially on the 10th of August.


I know of

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