Leaks suggest Huawei plans to buy a bar of modem MediaTek 5G next year

Noted new leaks today to the plans of Huawei to buy the bar a modem MediaTek 5G low cost for some versions of the company from smart phones, to allocate provided modem Balong 5000 for the top of the Huawei phones.

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Was Huawei is among the first companies that reveal the provided modem Balong 5000 allocated to support the smart phones of the contact networks of the fifth generation where it made the slide in the phone Mate 20 X 5G, also supports phone Mate X, who applies later this year, only to slice Balong 5000 marked with the level of pricing is high.

In a report published today from China, it was pointed out that Huawei is preparing to buy a slice modem MediaTek 5G to get pick last in the segments 5G to the identity of its smart, but with the level of pricing of the least, for some versions company the advantage of the contact networks of the fifth generation without wearing the cost of production of this category of phones, which supports Huawei in maintaining the level of sales of the company during the coming period.

Recall that the earlier report of one of the research firms have predicted an increase shipments of smart phones possible with the support of networks of the fifth generation to more than 200 Mellon by the year 2020, it seems that Huawei is on its way to control a large share of the sales of these phones in the future.


I know of

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