Leaks suggest that the Galaxy A90 is one of the versions of the Samsung from the series Galaxy R

Confirmed the latest leaks on the plans of Samsung to launch the Galaxy A90 later this year as one of the company versions of the series phones Galaxy R associated with.

Published a lot of leaks over the past period about the Galaxy A90, which is over to the to Samsung will Galaxy A90 to markets titled Galaxy A80, but the Galaxy A90 today returned to the spotlight again with new leaks confirm that one of the versions of the Samsung from the series Galaxy R, as it applies later with the charger special ability of 45W.

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I have referred the leaks of the new Samsung offer phone which displays the code SM-A90x now, as the first versions of the company’s series of phones to the new Galaxy R, that Samsung offers two versions of this series in the beginning, it also features both versions in the back with a triple.

Also point out that Samsung brings my phone Galaxy R screen special big size with the feature of the contact networks of the fifth generation in one of the versions, while the version comes the other report featured in the cable car. Also came another report with details about the ability of the charger that supports the phone A90, which comes ability 45W with charging technology high-speed.

Definitely still a lot of details about the specifications of the upcoming phones of series Galaxy R not clear so far, so we expect more details with the official announcement from the Korean giant to launch this series officially.

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