Leaks: the new MacBook lower class lives 1,200 $

Use Registry from all the companies today is out we have the website “Digitimes” famous with a new report from the Conference of the company “Apple” of the New, which will be held in the month of September, according to the report will be available the new version of the “MacBook” at a starting price of 1200 USD.

It is likely that the company will continue selling the same version of the “iPad Mini 4”, but it will The know about the wireless Charging Dock of its own “AirPower,” it is assumed that the price ranges between 160 to 190 USD.

Concerning version the least of the MacBook it tends to be “MacBook Air” thus, the company has left the price at least of $ 1000 without any products.

According to Apple it was supposed to be released “MacBook Air” beginning this year to 2018 but the delay was due to the desire of Apple to provide processor 10 Nano-meters of production by Intel, but with the delayed version of the Processor Apple decided to abandon that idea and rely on the Processor of Intel also, but with 14 Nm of a series of “Cap Lake”.

As for the base wireless charging it is supposed to be able to charge the iPhone in addition to the smart watch wireless speakers “AirPods” at one time.

It is possible to learn Apple about the new version of the iPad pro with a display size of 12.9 inch and 11-inch edges on very high and without a button for the principal as the design of the phone “iPhone x”.

As explained to us, the lover of my micro version of the iPad which is a version of “mini” it is not there any current plans to evict the new version the company would continue to sell the fourth version of the device through 2018.

On the iPhone it depends the device the most important among the devices the company is expected to be released 3 models of the machine two a screen of the quality of the OLED and the second screen of the quality of the LCD size 6.1-inch in order to supplied at a price less than the door hardware.

It is expected that Apple about all of this during the conference in the month of September is likely to be Day 12, but as usual the police they know about the materials and send invitations the week before or two weeks of the event.

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