Leaks: the price of the Galaxy Note 9 will reach a record level

تسريبات: أسعار هاتف Galaxy Note 9 ستصل إلى مستوى قياسي

No doubt that the Galaxy Note 9 is one of the leading smart phones rule during the second half of 2018, has already appeared in the past few months a large range of leaks that revealed almost everything with your smartphone high.

That must be the most common question about the Galaxy Note 9 in the current time is in relation to the price. According to reports coming from Poland, the branch of the South Korean company in the country already started to prepare to meet the expected demand on the phone through the organization of training courses for sales staff at the company’s stores.

The report confirms that the regular version of the Galaxy Note 9 (RAM capacity 6 GB, memory internal storage capacity of 128 GB) will be the equivalent of about 990 euros, with VAT in the European Union the recognition of the price of a smartphone associated with in the United States of America may start from $ 960 USD.

Based on previous leaks, the Galaxy Note9 will come to a large area of 6.38 inch processor Exynos 9810 to the side of the RAM up to 6 GB anda giant battery may be the size of a 4000 mA/h In addition to the smart pen S Pen smarter supports connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Will be the Korean company about the phone officially during a special event held in New York City on August 9 next, has to be available to users for purchase starting from the day on the 24th of the same month.

Do you think that the company will be able to compete at a price like this? And are you willing to pay about a thousand dollars to get it? We shared the point of view in the comments.


The leaks: the price of the Galaxy Note 9 will reach the level of the standard was published first in are.

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