Leaks: there are still Switch another coming this year

Nintendo Switch Lite -

The company was into the Japanese had announced in the past few days for a Nintendo Switch Lite, the new model of its hybrid Switch and ad hoc in the first place for anyone who wants a laptop just by giving up my control case of failure and abandon the possibility to connect the device to the TV, and will be the in 20 next September at a price of$200.

Although the report of CNET, who stated that there is no device Switch another this year, the “Emily Rogers” leaked into the famous confirmed that the Switch will get an enhanced version of another before the end of the year! And according to Emily, the device will “replace” the current model of the device, and will be released in two different colors at least two. Also, Takashi Mochizuki media WSJ knowledge hinted in a tweet on Twitter to the advent of another form of the device. In addition, it was stated the the reliable Daniel Ahmed is the other that the Switch will happen on a new device this year.

So, it seems that the image has not been completed, yet!

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