LeanGP — simulator for your living room

Now without problems you can buy yourself a seat and a steering wheel for racing, if not to equip for a gaming computer around the cockpit and enjoy the game in the simulator. But fans of racing until recently, was deprived of simulators are of decent quality, while Spanish fans are not created LeanGP not come out with it on Kickstarter.

To recreate a realistic simulation of riding a motorcycle is quite difficult and costly. It is necessary to develop not only a complicated structure of the “motorcycle” that mimic the movement, but also to write under it quality software that monitors paired with sensors in the body, therefore, analogues LeanGP Simulator is a long time to appear. The creators LeanGP Simulator decided to simplify the design, simultaneously adding their own offspring support various video games and accessories, including headsets and virtual reality. To control and maneuver the rider can use the steering wheel and the tilt of the body together with “motorcycle” — all these movements will be transferred into the game and feel like her normal motor with controller, available in most racing.

Startup LeanGP Simulator has already collected on Kickstarter more than 30 thousand Euros and continues to gain momentum. All developers require half a million dollars to implement his ideas — in this case, the simulator will provide feedback and power. Cost of such a unit will be only about a thousand euros.

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