Learn about the NFC feature in phones and its most important uses.

It is near-field communication technology, an abbreviation referred to by the letters NFC, and it is a technology available in modern phones to enable wireless communication with electronic devices that support the same feature, requiring that the distance between the two devices be 4 cm or less until the connection between them is established. Through technology, both devices can send and receive certain information.

The most prominent uses of the NFC feature

Electronic payment: you save the smart and bank card data on your phone, and after downloading applications that enable payment using NFC technology, such as the Google Pay application, but the service must be available in your country; Using this method of payment saves you the hassle of giving the payment card to the store and any data entry, as all you have to do is bring the phone closer to the machine that accepts the payment so that the amount is withdrawn.

ميزة NFC في الهواتف

Send a phone number or picture: The technology is the easiest way to send contact information, all you have to do is open the contacts app, enter a contact, and close two phones from a distance, until the Touch to beam message appears. Also, some applications support media exchange in this way, such as Snapchat.

تعرف على ميزة NFC في الهواتف وأهم الاستخدامات

Opening applications on another device: Some applications and games such as Google photos support the feature so that when two devices are close together, the application is launched on the other device, and this is useful for quickly accessing a specific part of the application or game.

NFC cards: It is possible to create NFC cards, which are paper or plastic cards that do not require a power source, as information can be added to it such as a website link, a picture or a password so that this information can be obtained by bringing a device closer to it, and thus it is superior to the QR code technology where there is no Need to use an application to scan the code, it is sufficient to bring the two devices closer.

تعرف على ميزة NFC في الهواتف وأهم الاستخدامات

How to know if an Android phone supports NFC technology

Go to settings and search for networks or connectivity and sharing, then search for the NFC setting, knowing that many phones put a small NFC logo on the back of the device.

كيف تعرف إذا ما كان هاتف أندرويد يدعم تقنية NFC

If you do not find it in the settings, swipe from the top of the screen and open the notification center and search between the quick settings icons for the NFC icon. If you do not find it either way, then most likely your phone does not support it, but you can always ask Google whether the phone «…» supports NFC.

At the present time, there are hardly any phones in the middle class that support the NFC feature, but with the spread of electronic payment methods in the third world and less developed countries, the spread of technology and its access to medium phones will expand, by virtue of the fact that the most important use of this feature is to enable electronic payment within a few seconds without Need to remove the smart card.

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