Learn to analyse the ICO. Five main points

This boom ICO-projects as at the end of 2017, we will never see. This is hardly bad, as a matter of fact the market gradually weeds out initially communicating or fraudulent projects. Survive only truly effective ICO is able to offer to our society product. If you suddenly decided to support any primary issue of tokens, don’t forget to take advantage of this little guide. It will help you to find really good projects.

Why compare ICO?

Comparison of ICO can be useful for captainvalor and the teams ICO.

Different parties will have different reasons for wanting to know how ICO relates to other projects in the market. For investors is determining whether a particular product’s potential to bring long-term expected profit. Also the indicators will help to determine which option from similar projects it is better to invest.

For teams the ICO might be useful to look at other sales token with a particularly good performance. It will be the understanding of the need for revision or improvement of the project to achieve the same level of success. There are also simple enthusiasts who are interested to know what he thinks about the particular ICO the rest of the market, and how likely it is that this decision will be truly revolutionary.

The problem is that every day starts tens of ICO, and in the year – thousands. Some projects are like, and among them, inevitably there are products not of the best quality. In this flood of the market with sales of tokens is very difficult to separate the good from the bad without an in-depth and time consuming analysis of individual ICO and their target market.

How can I do this?

The most effective way is to create a rating system based on several important indicators of the success of the ICO.

This should include behind the project team, information about the ICO, the presentation and marketing of the product.

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Team: it is Important that a summary of the team members were easy to find, and to each was enough information. Photos and links to external sites like LinkedIn and boost confidence.

In addition, the number of involved team members can also be the deciding factor. If the project has only two people, it is unlikely to be successful. When over different aspects of the ICO employs a lot of people, chances of success are much greater.

Information about the ICO: the Information about the project must be accessible and clear. The start and end dates of the presales and the official ICO how to participate in crudele, which currencies are accepted, the countdown to the beginning/end of sale and price of the token will give investors more confidence to them.

Product presentation: a lot depends on the information available in wallpapere. This should include information about what constitutes a product, what purpose and when hopes to reach the company, more detailed information about team members and real ways of using digital tokens. Having a professional video presentation with product overview further demonstrates the quality and responsibility of team ICO.

I heard something(a) about the MVP. What is it?

MVP or minimum viable product (Minimum Viable Product) is a product with a minimum set of competencies necessary to meet the needs of consumers.

Usually it’s a prototype, alpha or beta version of the future product. It is used for collecting feedback and revising the draft amendments. In kriptonyte is not common, but if you have it definitely boosts the confidence of investors to the product.

Open source allows to see whether the company has some Foundation. You can check the implementation of the concept described in wallpapere, and the progress of work on the product: optimization, fix bugs, extend functionality and so on. Even if non-programmers do not understand all the intricacies of the code, they can rely on the opinion of people with a good reputation.

Is it worth to pay attention on social networks?


Profile Satoshi Nakamoto on LinkedIn

Because the market runs so much ICO, individual projects, it is important to attract to your product enough attention. It is best to evaluate marketing activities of the company.

The company is active in different social networks according to the type of Facebook, Twitter, Medium? Presented on important crypto-currency forums such as BitcoinTalk and GitHub? And what kind of information she puts it? These are all important issues when compared to ICO.

Whether to listen to the experts?

One of the most important factors when evaluating ICO – experts of the crypto world.

They generally look at the same criteria, but from a different angle.

Team: as a rule, the team with the current cryptocurrency experience getting much higher scores than novices in the industry. This includes development, programming, project management, community and marketing. An expert Board also improves the reputation of a particular project.

Product information: ICO usually pursue two different goals. First – funding an entirely new concept; the second is an extension of the existing project or transfer into the network based on the blockchain. In the latter case, the probability of success is higher as it is based on a proven product or service. So experts give priority to such projects. Also a higher rating can obtain a product or services that solve current problems in the market.

Know-how: the projects with clearly defined long-term goals set out a plan to achieve them and a clear amount of investment required greater chance of success. Experts also pay attention to whether there is already an existing user base and was conducted competitor analysis to better understand the playing field.

Market stability: the industry is largely unregulated ICO. The situation may at any moment change, and in different regions have different laws. The project with the necessary flexibility to adapt and overcome changing market conditions and to a higher comparative rating.

Is it possible to automate the evaluation of projects?

It is possible, and it will definitely speed up the process.

To expedite the evaluation cooperation of the human with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has progressed significantly, and its capabilities have greatly expanded. However, in order to work properly he needs some sort of base. She can serve people opinions about various projects. The program will analyze the behavior of the parties in accordance with a number of options and will be able to make your own opinion about the projects. In addition, the network and people collaborate. Evaluation the following users will maintain the database of the program and improve its work. The network will evaluate the projects and to help those who waver.

More data look at cryptodata.

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