Lenovo challenge computers, ThinkPad mobile to focus on privacy


The problem of working outside the home is that you never know who is spying on what you are doing. Even if you have nothing to hide and don’t do anything illegal, we’re sure that everybody offers a little privacy. As a result, the majority of people prefer to sit in the corner and make a wall behind their back, but in the event if you appreciate privacy very much out of the house, I’ve got a Lenovo something for you.

The company recently announced for upgraded computers, Lenovo ThinkPad own where she raised her to focus on privacy. This upgrade brings with it the advantage of PrivacyGuard, which rely on web camera for the laptop. Will be using this camera to track your eyes, so when she finds out you’re looking at the screen, you’ll be alert for anyone standing behind you and to the screen over your shoulder.

According to Engadget who tested this feature, when it is discovered someone over your shoulder, you’ll say the computer displaying an icon to notify you. There will also be a shield for web camera which will help prevent your webcam from spying on you if you enable anyone to crack it remotely. Include other improvements to support HDR content on the screens of the laptops which include ThinkPad X390 and ThinkPad X390 Yoga and ThinkPad T490S and ThinkPad T490 and ThinkPad T590. So if privacy is a major concern for you, especially while working abroad, you may be these laptop computers suitable for you.


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