Lenovo compete Yoga and the Dell XPS series devices ThinkBook new start price of $ 730

Revealed Lenovo for new releases of series devices ThinkBook 13s and ThinkBook 14 that offer users the best possible with pricing starts from $ 730.

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Come Series devices ThinkBook new from Lenovo to target the area of work and supports small businesses with come benefits of a good level with reasonable pricing, to regulate the organs of the Yoga and also devices Dell XPS.

Feature devices ThinkBook keyboard trying to design a hardware keyboard Yoga S730, how come the hardware design of the aluminum matte design try Legion Y740, however, these devices won’t come with AMD, as is the case in your ThinkPad T495 recently announced from Lenovo.

Recall that Lenovo is offering this series of devices ThinkBook with SSD memory flash, also do not offer choice memory HDD, as it launches the Lenovo devices ThinkBook 13s at a starting price of $ 730 وThinkBook 14sبسعر starts from $ 750, to be available in markets by the end of this month.


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