Lenovo eager to phone full screen without edges or protrusions

To those distressed by the idea of the protrusion of the screen, and a fan of full screen but the edges from any quarter, Lenovo has the solution, phone screen full of all directions.

Published vice president in Lenovo’s image design of the new phone will download name, Lenovo Z5 features a full covering 95% of the interface.

Sources indicate that Lenovo use new technologies in this phone so I had access to the full screen, as it was adopted on 18 technology owned patents invented in its design and development.

Of course you need the company’s operations manufacturing complex and new methods completely hide the main components such as the speaker and front camera and sensors needed such as calculating convergence pressure.

Personally didn’t call me designs outcrops, on the contrary I wish Apple and other companies later went to adopt designs to full screen where they give His Excellency larger when in use, but of course facing technical challenges in manufacturing.


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