Lenovo intends to launch the first smartphone folding early next month (photo + video)

When talking about smartphones folding the first of what may notify Abdulla is the Samsung high which may carry the name of Galaxy F, or Galaxy X, which may see for the first time the beginning of next year, but many other companies such as Huawei and LG intend to launch models by folding soon.

Lenovo is another of those companies that intend to launch smartphone foldable and it seems that the Chinese company kidding this regard, where a video clip along with a range of images for folding edges are fairly tight.

Lenovo Foldable Phone

According to some reports, what appeared in those pictures is just a prototype of the smartphone associated with, and it shows in the video the boat that the phone works normally and folding without problems.

While the Lenovo logo appears clear at the bottom of the device, it seems that the phone is associated with Android, but its interface contains 3 columns of apps instead of 3 or 5.

It is worth mentioning that the video clip and all the previous images not published by Lenovo but was leaked via Twitter and some Chinese sites. What do you think of this design? Are we really smart phone this design? Share your opinion in the comments.

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