Lenovo introduced the first computer with a flexible display

In 2019 the world was shown just two of the unusual smartphone with a flexible display of the Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate Fold X. Despite the fact that users find them extremely unreliable and uncomfortable, other companies continue to develop such devices. So, at the Accelerate conference in Florida, was presented a prototype of the world’s first computer with a folded-in display — Lenovo ThinkPad X. the Final version of the device will be released only in 2020, but some details about the new product known now.

The device is marketed as a computer that you can use as laptop and tablet. Folded it is similar to a notebook, the cover of which you can even attach the stylus pen of Wacom, and in factored form to users presents a large 13.3-inch OLED display with 2K resolution. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer of the flexible display made by LG.

How to use it?

As mentioned, you can use the computer as the laptop is in a bent form, the display is divided into two 9.6 inch screen. According to Gizmodo, one half of the weighted device using a battery, so the design will be securely held on the table like a real notebook. If you want, to the computer you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard — I’m sure people will be that important tactile feel from mechanical keys.

Among other equipment of the computer it is worth noting an infrared camera capable of face recognition, two USB-C port, stereo speakers and battery with the stock charge “for the day”. As the operating system, apparently, will be Windows 10.

Computer better than a smartphone?

According to the publication Gizmodo, unlike the screens of smartphones Samsung and Huawei, on the computer display Lenovo do not have a ruffle. Most likely, with a new device, it will be convenient to take notes on one half of the display, and the other to use for watching videos or conversations with people. It is expected that potential buyers flexible computer series the Lenovo ThinkPad X will businesses or technology enthusiasts, who will be able to endure the inevitable errors that occur in the first of its kind devices.

When will the final version?

The official presentation of the new products scheduled for 2020, but the exact date and cost are still unknown. Its development took place over the last three years, and the company needs time to establish the folding mechanism and install the display with a wider viewing angle.

While the producer is involved in all this, you can read about other devices with flexible displays. First, everyone is familiar with the features of the Samsung Galaxy Fold — the details written about him in the end of February the presentation of Samsung. Second, read about the smartphone Huawei Mate X, which was launched two days later.

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