Lenovo introduces devices ThinkBook portable in the Saudi market

Devices ThinkBook from Lenovo has become available to users in the Saudi market.

لينوفو تطرح أجهزة ThinkBook المحمولة في السوق السعوديThinkbook 15

Announced Lenovo today announced the introduction of its laptops ThinkBook in the Saudi market, to enhance the performance of small and medium enterprises in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company considers that contribution to the Vision 2030 that SMEs are the cornerstone in achieving the vision of the kingdom.

According to forecasts, is likely to up the value of the SME market in the Arabian Gulf region to 920 million USD by the year 2023, in the will sell small businesses is an essential element in the development of the local economy.

Speaking on this point, the company said in its statement: “believe in Lenovo that technologies provide affordable high-efficiency is a critical factor in promoting the success of companies and contribute to the success of the country.”

On the other side, say, Lenovo, they found approximately 60% of the “new workforce” you create content and communicate via the internet using devices with stylish design, outstanding which is provided by the series. With this Jell-O employees of the millennials and post-millennials who becomes to perform the tasks meaningful and expect that the pool police mobile properties useful in work, life, passion, and achieve the aims.

According to the company, the design of the ThinkBook based on customer research especially for SMEs which usually buy laptop computers dedicated to consumers, to get the advantages of outstanding design and appropriate prices, coupled with its desire to use additional services and guarantees, which are basic needs for any company today.

Commenting on this, said Mohamed Halil, general manager Lenovo Gulf and Saudi Arabia and East Africa: “grew up young entrepreneurs today through the use of their the latest technology they expect to increase their equipment productivity and reliability, and suit their lifestyle. Designed a series ThinkBook to cater to this segment in the market of small and medium businesses, we are proud with our contribution to achieving the goals of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Enable and facilitate the growth of these companies”.

Multiple advantages

لينوفو تطرح أجهزة ThinkBook المحمولة في السوق السعودي

Companies started emerging in different regions of the world to adopt a trend called “Choose Your Own Device” (CYOD). According to field research conducted by Lenovo which included 8,000 problems, the new labor force attaches great importance to the appearance of their computer especially the colors and materials that are made to computers, however still prefer to choose from the list the coordinator provided by the company.

Become the computers of the ThinkBook portable available in the Saudi market sizes 13, 14 and 15 inches. The device of my ThinkBook 14 وThinkBook 15 famous operating system Windows 10 Pro processor Intel Generation X, the next memory Intel Optane tweak SSD storage, next to the WiFi technology 6 units, addressing the discrete graphics, as well as a fingerprint reader built.

Expect ThinkBook 15 with a thickness of 18.9 mm, while a thickness of ThinkBook 14 of about 17.9 mm, and both the benefits of voice and display special thanks to the FHD screen is clear speakers Dolby Audio. It also adds two USB 3.1 (Generation 2 Type C) to transfer large data and multimedia files heavy management, very quickly.

It has been designed Lenovo series ThinkBook S to provide devices easy pregnancy with a ThinkBook 13s 13.3-inch. It is a device that comes with a sleek structure and lightweight aluminum fully painted in a metallic color as the final touch. It comes with a flat-screen dialogue high. As with ThinkBook 14 and 15, have Series ThinkBook 13s Intel’s cutting-edge screen FHD, while the included speakers Dolby Vision وHarman get to experience the audio characteristic.

Bring new devices fast charging technology RapidCharge, where it can recharge 80% of battery in just one hour, allowing users to charge their devices between meetings and when development for a longer time.

Stylish design

لينوفو تطرح أجهزة ThinkBook المحمولة في السوق السعوديThinkBook 13s

Enjoy devices ThinkBook portable design smooth and the possibility of opening up to 180 degrees, and features a framework too narrow to provide a wider screen in a laptop is small. Come made of aluminum, magnesium, painted in metallic gray, as are light and lean body appropriate for use in the office or home or on the go.

On this point, the company says: “subject to all of the devices ThinkBook testing the durability and reliability to ensure their resilience in the event of a fall, collision, liquid spills, dust, and extreme temperatures.”

Support your work

Thinkbook 15

Say Lenovo they offer a range of services to the same level of trade your company’s products, including support services and extended warranty periods promotions such as giving support at the police headquarters on the next business day warranty service around the world to reduce the periods of malfunctions.

Devices provide ThinkBooks the characteristics of self-management which is particularly beneficial for small companies without the services of Team Support is allocated in the company’s website. Including the Lenovo Vantage developed by the company itself and installed it on the device in advance to provide tools for preventive diagnosis of the condition of the device settings of the custom and automatic installation of critical updates.

Pricing and availability in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  • ThinkBook 13s starting 3,899 SAR
  • ThinkBook 14 starting from 3,049 SAR
  • ThinkBook 15 starting 3,049 SAR

*Please note that prices include VAT + Warranty 3 years

Devices are available for purchase online through the shop to the work of the hub in the electronics stores are well-known in the kingdom.

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