Lenovo is planning to launch smartphone foldable next month!

At the mention of smart phones folding, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Galaxy F “is known, too. a mess S”, which Samsung plans to launch it at the beginning of 2019, or perhaps the idea some too. in the model Huawei future, but what about other companies like Lenovo for example?

Until a few days wasn’t the company Lenovo in the yard of the competition for the title of the first smart phone retractable in the world, but a new video appeared on the website of the communication of the Chinese “web” leaked to us news about the foldable phone of the Lenovo is closer than we imagine.

Where responded Lenovo users said that there is new news about the phone rollaway in early October!

Did not explain what news is to be held in the month of October, could you disclose the first smart phone foldable in the world?

Due to the lack of any previous leaks it is most likely not to see the phone, probably telling the police to disclose the details of future plans or completed models or something, but all of those. as possible.

Back to 2016, the company announced the Chinese for its model to get rid of my initial phone folding, and is then followed by some prototyping, but since then has remained the company’s completely silent on this matter. Now back to Lenovo to talk again about the phones collapsible.

If Lenovo’s foldable phone is already ready for launch, it probably won’t come to light before the beginning of 2019, perhaps the month of January specifically to take the company the title of the first foldable phone in the world Samsung.

It became closer than ever I think we need to wait and follow in silence to see which company will be the title of the first foldable phone in the world!

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