Lenovo is preparing to launch a phone Lenovo Z6 capacity of 4000 mAh in the battery

The version of the last of the Z series disclosed to the captain during the next period, where comes phone Lenovo Z6 coming soon with Snapdragon processor 730 also supports the phone also has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh.

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Revealed Lenovo during the financial period of all of my phone Lenovo Z6 Pro and Lenovo Z6 Lite and today is preparing to launch the second version of this series Lenovo Z6.

I have assured the deputy chairman of the company Lenovo Chang Cheng during the financial period on that phone Z6 applies chip Snapdragon processor 730, and new details today revealed the capacity of the battery that comes with a capacity of 4000 mAh.

Also provided that the phone supports Lenovo Z6 fast charging technology 3.0 capacity 15W, as the phone comes with charger 18W in box packaging, which is a specification trying to phone Z6 Pro which came Charger 27W in the box but it only supports charging capacity of 18W .

It is scheduled to support the phone battery old charging up to 395 hours in standby, or 38 hours in the office, or also 26 in the video playback, as confirmed by Lenovo that the phone supports the user two hours to play games after charging the phone for 15 minutes only.


I know of

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