Lenovo is ready to release a 13-inch tablet with a special display

Lenovo is not afraid to experiment and tries to be first at everything. In July there were rumors that one of its smartphones will be one of the first mobile devices with support for 5G Internet. Also, the manufacturer intends to revive the sliders — a prototype smartphone with “sliding” case already captured on video. According to PhoneArena, in the second half of 2019, the company will introduce a tablet with a flexible display. In this case, it will help collaboration with LG Display.

It is known that the screen size of the tablet will be 13 inches. According to representatives of LG Display, flexible displays are best used in laptops and tablets, not in smartphones. The fact that smartphones are used too often and the constant bending and straightening of the display can greatly reduce the service life of the structure. It is assumed that the folding diagonal touch screen will be only 9 inches but the aspect ratio will be 4:3. So the aspect ratio was 16:9, when folded, the screen size shall be 8 inches.

Its own smartphone with a flexible display is probably engaged in the research departments of many companies. One development already know — Samsung has long been trying to create a foldable mobile device, and it is almost ready. It is expected that the coming novelty will be called Galaxy X, and will be presented in November 2019 in the framework of the conference for developers. Essentially the device will be a full tablet in the housing of the mobile — this was announced by the Director of the mobile division of Samsung Dong-Jin Koh.

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