Lenovo know the first model of a computer, a portable folding

شركة لينوفو تعرض أول نموذج لحاسب محمول قابل للطيThe company introduced the Lenovo today, a model for computer portable foldable screen in the conference in Florida, USA where he was arrested by the first device of its class have this feature, to this point the quality of the companies folding of the phones that we have seen from several companies during the financial period to the larger devices with the use of a wider.

It is assumed that the computer in the next year 2020 under its brand 1 ThinkPad X where she had started working for him three years ago as reported, knowing that his model of the current need for many of the plugins will be ready at launch.

The Shape of the device is at first glance similar for the tablet, large size but it’s not, where Will a different experience to the user like the intersect full-featured, Windows based can folded and carried with ease.

The device has a OLED screen measuring 13.3-inch joint in the middle, folding it and use the bottom of it as the numeric keys can also be used need his full with the presence of an external keyboard connected via Bluetooth.

Although the company did not explain any of the internal specifications for their account, but her remarks took place on the supported processor from Intel with the forecast revolve around the intention to consolidate it with the world-from Qualcomm to be able to connect to the internet via a cellular network.

According to Engadget who had the superiority of the case near the screen in the case of a folding full don’t leave a huge vacuum between the flat of the Hand joint, as when the open angles of 180 ° looks the screen of the flat is perfect in a different way than ever saw it in the Samsung Galaxy Fuld who relapsed postponed the company’s launching of defects the screen that were discovered during audits, to Lenovo that the device will not fail in this aspect and will submit it to all the consumers with high efficiency; that is what we hope anyway that the event fulfilled with the release date.

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