Lenovo officially reveals the screen of her smart latest Lenovo Smart Display 7


In recent years, we began to see a growing number of smart screens. These devices are basically a speaker with an intelligent touch-sensitive screens intended that users can watch videos and have video chats and also communicate with other smart devices such as cameras to see who is standing at the door.

I started a company Lenovo is already in the creation of these smart screens like Lenovo Smart Display in 2018, and after that launch of Lenovo Smart Clock earlier this year. Now, it seems that the company has returned to us with a smart screen again, this time called name of Lenovo Smart Display 7. As suggested by the name, you’ll come to this screen smartphone with a smaller screen size of 7 inch unlike the screens of other smart of the company which came with screen sizes 8 inch and 10 ins, so if you want something smaller, it may be a new screen announced by company Lenovo for just choice for you.

Regardless of the small screen, this smart screen has a slightly different design compared to other models, where in this case, chose Lenovo put the speaker below the screen instead of the side, which means that the audio must flow in the direction of the user directly. Other than that, this device still a smart screen with a built-in camera and digital assistant Google Assistant.

Given that the screen is the new smart Lenovo Smart Display 7 come in a smaller size of the screens of the other smartphones from Lenovo, they are going to market at a cheaper price also. In fact, this will be a smart screen available in the market starting from the month of October at a price of 130 USD.

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