Lenovo phone Lenovo Z6 coming soon with Snapdragon processor 730

Confirmed teaser posted by Lenovo today on the company’s plans to launch phone Lenovo Z6 soon which applies chip Snapdragon processor 730.

Company Lenovo has announced during the last period on my phone Lenovo Z6 Pro وLenovo Z6 Lite or بYouth, and today eclipsed the announcement trailer published via Chang Cheng, vice president of Lenovo, announced the new release of this series Lenovo Z6.

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I have confirmed the teaser is also on the phone for Lenovo Z6 applies chip processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 possible to accurately manufacture 8 Nm, characterized by the play itself used in the Qualcomm chip possible Snapdragon 855, except that the chip Snapdragon 730 targeting the smart phones available.

Also includes chip Snapdragon 730 two nuclei Kryo 470 at a speed of 2.2 GHz, with 6 cores at a speed of 1.8 GHz, has proven the tests of this chip for performance outperform on-chip Snapdragon 845.

From another side comes a phone Lenovo Z6 improvements in stealth artificial intelligence by 200%, to support the performance of the best with the consumption of less battery in the phone, but definitely a trade official at the launch of the phone will continue to the validity of these details.


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