Lenovo phone Lenovo Z6 soon camera triple sensor key 24 megapixel

Teaser new from Lenovo for its official announcement soon Lenovo Z6, where came the teaser of the new day to review the details of the cable car, the rear triangular in the phone.

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Publication the vice president of Lenovo teaser new on Weibo today, confirms the company’s plans to launch phone Z6 with the settings in the camera background, comes the sensor main accurately 24 megapixels, while the sensor III accurately 8 mega pixel camera with lenses, telephoto, the sensor of the third resolution of 5 mega pixels with a lens characteristic wide viewing angles.

It is scheduled to come camera the rear sensor key Sony IMX576, and to reflect this version in the category of phones available on the level of nova 5i وHonor 20 Lite at its launch markets.

Also Lenovo offers in this release pattern for night photography or in low light knows the pattern of Super Night, also features phone technology artificial intelligence pattern with cosmetic works to perceive how to add tools to trade him on the photo according to the method user’s favorite gradually, to beautify the face naturally more.

From another side, the phone Lenovo Z6 camera Silva characteristic accurately 16 mega pixel camera, also supports pattern cosmetic special through the new algorithm is working to identify a snapshot selfie is better for the user, it also supports Lenovo this version of one of the nurses that provided in the phone Z6 Pro, which allows users to add amendments during the recording of the video content.


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