Lenovo published some pictures of the phone Lenovo Z6 ahead of the official announcement

Lenovo Z6 Pro

By 12 months, the company Lenovo launched phone Lenovo Z5 with the processor Snapdragon 636, and now it’s time for the Chinese company to launch a successor for this phone. And mentioned that, the vice-president of Lenovo, Mr. Chang Cheng, today posted some pictures on social network of Chinese Weibo is the coming phone Lenovo Z6 in the near future.

These pictures don’t know how it will look phone Lenovo Z6, but it appears to us that this phone will be available in Brown, and the interface background of the reflective light, which means they will be covered with a layer Gorilla Glass or what kind of cover is transparent plastic.

It is expected that the phone Lenovo Z6 to the medium category so that it is likely to be somewhere between the Lenovo Z6 Youth equipped with the processor Snapdragon 710 phone Lenovo Z6 Pro the leading provider processor Snapdragon 855. Phone specifications Lenovo Z6 is unknown, but if we were to speculate, we believe that it will have a processor Snapdragon 730.

While we still don’t know a lot about this phone, we expect to reveal to us the vice president of the company to Lenovo for more details about phone Lenovo Z6 gradually in the coming days, just as it did with the phone Lenovo Z6 Pro by the police to remove the curtain officially about.


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