Lenovo review the model for your laptop is possible with the support 5G networks

Revealed Lenovo Qualcomm for Model computer comes with the support of networks of the fifth generation during the events of the conference Computex 2019, the new hardware called “Project Limitless” in the conference today.

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Reviewed Lenovo see today’s new model of computer supports the networks of the fifth generation, which comes with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx disclosed for the first time during the month of December last year, where they confirmed Qualcomm’s in advertising at the highest performance chip in the processor also comes the Windows with the lowest consumption of the battery between the servo ARM.

We have designed this version to provide clear vision for users of the performance of processors Snapdragon in computers, it also comes processor eight nuclei Kryo 495 memory temporary storage 10 MB support run Chrome perform the best.

Also offering chip Snapdragon 8cx possible the performance of the best with the architecture characteristic accurately manufacture 7 nm, which supports the consumption of the best energy compared with the chip Snapdragon 850.

I have reviewed the Lenovo model Project Limitless 5G with a station dedicated to quickly come to sub-6GHz connection to the internet, but that model is still in its infancy, so I can’t preview it on the ground at the moment.

Comes the form the first terms of reference for each of Qualcomm and Lenovo in your Project Limitless 5G design metal in dark gray, and also offer chip processor Snapdragon 8cx in the machine speed of 2.8 GHz, also features memory random 16 GB RAM to support the multitasking smoothly.

As confirmed Qualcomm on-chip Snapdragon 8cx will do better at running a lot of applications on Emulator windows, also referred Qualcomm to versions of Snapdragon will support longer battery life of up to more than 7 to 8 hours with a featured screen accurately 2K, is expected to offer both Lenovo and Qualcomm more details about this category of devices in 2020.


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