Lenovo the ThinkPads this year with the AMD processor and the price starts from 939 to $

Revealed company Lenovo recently announced the new versions of laptops ThinkPads, so Lenovo offers versions of this year’s choices in the new configuration with AMD processor among other features.

Lenovo ThinkPads 2019

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Lenovo recently laptop ThinkPads T495 which is available during the month of May at a starting price of 939 dollars, as revealed both devices ThinkPads X395 and ThinkPads T495s where these versions are available in the month of June at a starting price of 1089 USD.

It is scheduled to apply to these versions with the second generation of the processor Ryzen 7 Pro from AMD, besides the graphics Vega picks. new hardware configurations.

And Lenovo releases new design featured in black with a smooth texture this case, as these versions are the standards of the MIL-SPEC which ensures the efficiency of the design of the device to resist scratching and or accidental falls or trauma.

And it all comes from my device ThinkPads T495s وThinkPads T495 size 14-inch screen, while the Lenovo ThinkPads X395 size 13-inch screen, also come hardware software protection ThinkShield customizable from Lenovo, also supports devices with ThinkPad Privacy Guard which supports the user in maintaining the privacy of the content of the screen which will only appear for the user when sitting in the face the situation directly.

It is scheduled to come Software ThinkPad Privacy Guard upgrade new during the month of July, where Lenovo offers through its alerts feature when discovering the presence of trespassers on the screen, also support users a new level of protection provided Lenovo ThinkShutter a slide support full coverage car webcam to protect the user from the risk of freezing by cable car.

Lenovo- 2019 ThinkPads

And it all comes from my device ThinkPads T495s وThinkPads T495 size 14-inch screen with display resolution 1920 in 1080 pixels, with a brightness of 400 nit, while the device comes X395 accurately display 1080 pixels.

Also besides the AMD processor offers the Lenovo devices with the technology FreeSync from AMD which supports the higher refresh rate of the frames with the display of well-proportioned frames.

From another side come devices with microphones far-reaching, with an array of ports including USB A 3.1, USB port C, and the HDMI port to the side of the slot reader external memory card microSD.


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