Lenovo unveils her watch smart Lenovo Carme standards IP68

Lenovo hours its smart Lenovo Carme that support the standards and IP68 to resist dust and water, and colorful screen, that apply in the markets at a price of $ 50.

Featuring hours Lenovo Carme screen color support touch mono 1.3, as characterized by the screen design and curved 2.5 D supports a better view at the screen from different angles.

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Supports hours screen Lenovo Carme smart notifications view notifications, messages and calls received on the phone, it also comes with some features fitness tracking, with sensors to monitor heart rate, can also be for smart to follow sports activities, and supports previous alerts feature fixed.

On the other hand, offer Lenovo H Lenovo Carme smart feature to display the weather forecast, with stopwatch and alarm, and can support the user in determining the location of the phone in its surroundings.

Hours Lenovo Carme come the standards of IP68, so it will support the user when wearing the watch during swimming, it can also support contact with the iPhone slander via Bluetooth 4.2, and the previous Smart Card 200 mAh age shipping up to 7 days.

It is planned to apply hours Lenovo Carme smart bracelet rubber with two choices in colors are blue and green, that are available for sale today at a price of $ 50 or 45 euros.


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