Lenovo unveils ” Project Limitless“, which is the first laptop that supports 5G in the world


Technology 5G will reach our smart phones only, they will see their way also to the laptops, which works to improve the capacity of the latter for coupling to the internet.

Become the processors of smart phones with high efficiency over the years so much so that we have a little computer in the palm of the hand, and this is what leads to the erosion of market share for portable computers over the years. However, still laptops the core interest of the consumers, thanks to the convenience of use provided by, which is why very took advantage company Lenovo Computex 2019 to detect laptop ” Poject Limitless“, which is a laptop equipped with the processor Snapdragon 8cx our Qualcomm X55 5G compatible with the 5G. Thus, this makes this laptop special for business who want to take advantage of the speed of 5G during their movement.


Basically, the performance of the processor Snapdragon 8Cx considered the best performance processor Intel Core i5-82500U even in cases of multitasking, as it is considered more efficient in energy consumption and that does not seem strange on processors Snapdragon, it has been seen how was the performance of the processor Snapdragon 850 in relation to efficiency in energy consumption on a laptop Lenovo C630 WoS who started earlier.

We’ll have to wait until the beginning of the year 2020 at least before seeing such laptops make their way to the market. And yet, I didn’t reveal to US company Lenovo for any information about the final specifications for the laptop Lenovo Project Limitless or price.

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