Lenovo unveils three computers, hybrid operating system “Chrome OS” or Windows 10

لينوفو حواسب محمولة

لينوفو حواسب محمولة

Revealed Lenovo Lenovo about three laptops, a hybrid of the category of “chrome book” Chromebook operating system “Chrome OS” Chrome OS from Google, along with the possibility of use of Windows 10 also.

The company is keen on the use of an external structure resistant to fall with the use of an elastic band on all sides to absorb shock, and those options the Google tested to stand on the strength of devices that support packet G Suite وClassroom from Google.

The situation first with the e500, a computer can convert computer, tablet or mobile thanks to the possibility of rotation of the screen with a size of 11.6 inches. This case processor “Celeron” Intel-blooded random 8 GB and storage space of 64 GB. And gets it on his face, the back camera 5 megapixel allows students photographing the Board that writes the professors.

Provided the Lenovo case author with a dedicated place to save it, a pen capable of sensing the compression force of the user it writing, or drawing, by trying to what he wants of the user, and those features will be available to meet 349 USD.

The second case is the e300 comes with two options, either “Chrome OS” or Windows 10, with support for also. When testing Windows 10, will device Processor, the “Apollo to be the” Apollo Lake of the Intel cards hold up until eight hours. At the time resorted to the company of MediaTek and specifically MTK 8173C to run the system “Chrome OS”, and the user that the battery lasts up to ten hours. And on the price and access to markets, it will be available in February, compared to 279 USD.

Finally, comes the computer 100e, which can be operated with Windows 10 or “Chrome OS”, which is the Processor “Celeron” with 11.6 inch as well, but its arrival will be in March at a price of 219 USD.

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