Lenovo used to answer feature Apple Air Apple TV soon


One of the advantages of adopting the Apple in that the company integrate their products with each other tightly. Take for example, my system is MacOS and the iPadOS, the users can use a feature called Apple Air which allows using your iPad as a secondary display External can be useful in different situations.

Now it seems that Lenovo is planning something similar, where according to a tweet from leaker famous American Evan Blass, it appears that Lenovo is working on a hybrid device of this kind so that the tablet external screen integrated in the same device. Includes Till Kottmann those rumors after he explained that he saw internal documents to buy Lenovo provides additional details about the device.

Basically, this device can tablet pairing with the computer via MiniHDMI. When that happens, will lock the part that holds the Android of the device of Revelation and the device then as a secondary display. This means that, in theory, you can connect a variety of devices such as computers, portable or home consoles. Although it may be a lock part that is running Android, but it is still possible to access other features such as the speakers.

It’s interesting, though, that Lenovo didn’t know it officially yet. We’re not sure whether this device will see the light or not, but it could be in response to feature Atlantis from the Apple TV, albeit a version a little more complicated.


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