Lenovo would be a smart phone and a foldaway bed in October

لينوفو ستكشف هاتف ذكي قابل للثني في أكتوبر الجاري

We have often heard about flip phones in the past, but today we are closer to see her standing, it has the company introduced the Lenovo Chinese video of ten seconds, showing a smartphone screen, flexible folding, through the Chinese social networking site Weibo, that the company revealed earlier than 2016 phone wrist hand screen flexible curvature, Which means that the company owns a number of experiments in this area before you have to declare its intention to launch a smartphone integrated-bendable to angles of 80 degrees during October.

In the description attached to the video says “we’re just in a very good position and it’s time to show off, see you in October,” at the tip to detect the phone where I spoke to Lenovo on the day or a certain hour of the event by the judge, as if there were any more surprises. would like to disclose the company, just wait we are in October and we’ve become close enough to be sure of ourselves, the time of the event.

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