Lenovo Z5 will last 45 days and another half hour after a full discharge

Frameless Lenovo Z5 will be able to work for up to 45 days in standby mode and half an hour after a full discharge of the battery will be able to make and receive calls. This statement was made by CEO Chang Chen, published on his page in the social network Weibo teaser, indicating the unique features of the future smartphone.

Top Manager did not disclose features battery Lenovo Z5, allowing you to make only a vague impression of the scope of the ongoing development. It is possible, however, that to achieve this level of autonomy to the creators managed not by increasing battery capacity, and due to the high level of optimization of “hard” and soft.

Also, the astonishing ability of future unit work even after a full discharge. Supporters of conspiracy theories, of course, may think that the smartphone will reserve a few percent of the charge to enable this feature, however, given the innovativeness of the product, there is reason to believe that we are talking about a more advanced technology.


In order to dilute the boring details about the technical side of the question, Mr Chen published several photos taken with the Lenovo Z5. As with the previous series of images, these images highlight the ability of the smartphone’s camera to work even in difficult lighting conditions, not peresvetova and lead frame in dark shades even when the light drops.

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