Lenovo Z5 will not completely frameless?

Earlier, Vice President of Lenovo Chang Cheng has published a render Lenovo Z5, which was presented to only part of the device. However, prior to this, Chang has published another image of the device, which for some reason nobody noticed.

We are talking about the render below:

As you can see, the image shows the lower left part of the smartphone, many probably noticed the trick. Let’s look at a more recent image of the upper part:

You may notice that the screen is on. In the case of the first render, the screen is in an inactive state, in this regard, no visible border between the screen and the framework. Typically, producers are always trying to intrigue, manipulating various things. And this is a good example of manipulation.

As in the second render, the screen is on, you notice that the clock is located exactly in the center, and cut from the top not. Then where are the 5% the front panel? After all, if you believe Cheng, the screen will occupy 95% of the panel.

It is logical to assume that the company purposefully showed the image of the bottom with the screen off, to cover the remaining 5% that is certainly located in the lower part. In this regard, the bottom frame size would be approximately the same as the one in V9 Vivo, Oppo or OnePlus F7 6. Remove the bangs and you will get Lenovo Z5:

To be honest, no bangs looks very impressive. What do you think? Share your opinion in the Telegram chat.

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