Lenovo Z6 will have three cameras at the back, it will style camera basic accurately 24MP

Lenovo Z6

Must up phone Lenovo Z6 at any time, the deputy CEO of Lenovo is gradually technical specifications that will come out this phone on the social network of Chinese Weibo. Today, explained to us by Mr. Chang Cheng that the phone Lenovo Z6 next the company will put three cameras in the cell 24 MP camera basic accurately 8 megapixels camera second best, and accurately 5 megapixels camera of the second wide-angle.

Company will Lenovo use the sensor Sony IMX576 in the main camera of the phone Leonovo Z6, which puts him in the same ranks with some of the other smartphones like Huawei, Nova 5i and Honor 20 Lite. Moreover, you’ll come camera basic phone Lenovo Z6 also with mode to take pictures at night supports Super Night. Given that the filters Customs and features of artificial intelligence are very popular in China, it is not surprising to hear now that the phone Lenovo Z6 will add further filters to Smart Learn with time how to make your face more beautiful than it already is.

And speaking of taking pictures yourself, there are Lenovo Z6 will feature a front camera accurately 16 megapixels. And Lenovo they use the new algorithm to work on defining the features of the face that should be run through the system to the 50 million photos a different character.

One of the things common among users of smart phones in China is to reform the curves of the body directly during video capture. The company Lenovo to include this feature in her phone, the current flagship Lenovo Z6 Pro, but we have learned now that the phone Lenovo Z6 will get this feature as well.


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