Let it be HYIP: among the trading tools Nasdaq notice futures Bitcoin

According to the analyst Cryptopolis, which is in the state of the company StrongMarket yesterday on his account TD Ameritrade has a new shopping tool for crypt from Nasdaq. Published by the user on the screenshot you can see that the newcomer has a quote CXERX and seems to be present in the list of trading instruments platform. Looking at the chart, trades CXERX began just two weeks ago.

How it works

Cryptopolis says he bought one bitcoin at a price of $ 5335 with new items. If this is indeed true, then soon large investors may receive a great opportunity to invest in digital assets with minimal risk and to end with the bears on the stock market.

However, all is not so simple — there is no CXERX on the official website of Nasdaq. So what’s the catch? It turns out that the deal Cryptopolis for buying bitcoins “may be fake”. Yet, even in tech support TD Ameritrade can not really explain what CXERX and where it came from. Yet they do not have any registered transaction involving this instrument.

We will remind, in November of last year appeared the insider information about the launch of Bitcoin futures on the basis of the Nasdaq. Most likely, CXERX is the very same futures that somehow “leaked” on the user platform.

This conjecture is indirectly confirmed by the Vice-President for public relations Nasdaq Joseph Christinat. In one of his publications, he mentioned that the company “will launch new products in the first half of 2019”. Yet the main obstacle to the agreed strategy could be only the Commission on trade in commodity futures of the USA.

Looks like the market is ready to accept people with thick wallets. Over all an interesting stay in our cryptodata. Current rates of Bitcoin and other coins recommend you to watch here.


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