Lets watch the need on Facebook to enter.. a new feature in WhatsApp

Choose Facebook new feature allows you to share Status WhatsApp your directly on Facebook and Instagram with the click of a button., the Where now is the turn of this feature so if you are interested, you can join the pilot program for this new feature for Android or iOS and deal with it, testers need to choose to share each status update individually, since there is no option to send all the cases to other applications automatically.

In the month of January announced to Facebook that will be rounded all the applications together, where he asked the CEO Mark Zuckerberg of developers re-building Facebook Messenger and Instagram and WhatsApp “in the simplest levels”, and noted not a lot of people that the ad revealed the rumors that the three services will be converted to a social network one belonging to the monster networking case, and will share the data that is entered in one application in the world.

Proposals on WhatsApp

خاصية جديدة في WhatsApp تتيح لك مشاركة حالتك على الفيس بوك وأنستجرامA new feature in the WhatsApp allows you to share your status on Facebook asset

Some comments suggested that it was possible to watch the best features of each application (such as encryption of end-to-end in WhatsApp) with the rest, which leads to improved all together, keep them separate, in a statement to The Verge, confirmed the WhatsApp to this change, which means that all the applications of Facebook are now using the same APIs to share data, is what made the function of the new joint as possible.

It is interesting that you seem to you can also share your mood and current across some channels not belonging to Facebook, such as Gmail and Google Photos despite the fact that this is not the application for social interaction fundamentally, we are not sure how popular these options.

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