Lets you the latest version of Google Chrome to know if your password has been stolen

Google Chrome

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot of hotels and retailers, and transport companies etc. of other companies related to the operations of the hack. As such, there is a lot of our personal information at risk of exploitation which may not know about them. Also likely that with some of these breakthroughs, there could be usernames and passwords have been hacked.

Now, there are ways to check if your data have been hacked, but if you are not aware of these breakthroughs, Google is here to help. In the latest version of Google Chrome, the browser can now warning users if they were to steal their passwords as part of a data breach. This will match Google’s current passwords with a database of passwords stolen known.

For those who are concerned that this may lead to a breach or leak of another, company Google it will be used to copy a fragmented and encrypted passwords states using multiple layers of encryption, thus ensuring its safety. Before that, I helped Google users already in control of their own passwords by using plugins and other tools.

However, asking this to know the users of these plugins and tools, but now that this feature was added to Google Chrome, users can now who weren’t aware of these plugins to keep themselves safe.


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